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Create Your Portrait for the June 2022 Pride Month Exhibit!

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio is hosting the Inside Out exhibit in conjunction with SOS Art and poets writing for each portrait. The show will be up for the entire month of June, 2022 and promises to be a great event.

Make a plan now to create your portrait and add to the collection. If submitted by April 1, 2022, it will be paired with a published Cincinnati poet who will write an original poem in honor of your portrait. Both the art and the writing will be printed and displayed in the June exhibit; the portrait will also go up in our online gallery on this webpage.

Contact Jay if you want to arrange a private art-making session or a small group session with you and your fellow trans friends/family. Sessions are free and Jay supplies all of the art-making materials. Text or call him at 859-628-7808 or email:

If you are an artist or someone very comfortable and confident in art-making and would like to create on your own, feel free to download the Virtual Participation Guide with instructions on how to submit your piece and a link to the Google Submission Form.

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