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Frequently Asked Questions

But...I'm not an artist. 

Don't worry! A self-portrait doesn't have to be a literal representation. It can be symbolic, can include words, it can even be abstract.

Why self-portraits?

Inside Out's mission is to give trans individuals an opportunity to reflect on their authenticity in a fun and creative way.

It's simply YOU, as you express it in that moment, with any combination of art materials you prefer.

Do I have to exhibit my portrait?

Your portrait is yours to keep; we only use a hi-res photo or scan of it. Should we do a physical exhibit, you will be invited to send in your artwork for inclusion.

You choose how you wish to be credited with your work: full name, initials, a fake name, or whatever you prefer.

However, if your portrait is easily recognizable and you wish to remain private, let us know and we will not add it to the public exhibit, virtual or otherwise.

How do I sign up?

It's easy! Give us your info HERE and Jay will contact you personally.

I still have some questions.

Email your questions to Jay HERE. 

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